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Socks cleaning and reversing machine (SCM32) ;  this machine has been produced for cleaning the long yarn pieces on the socks and reversing them finally.

As you know loops and long yarn is a problematic issue for human healthy. Big customers don’t accept the loop and long yarn inside of the socks. Most of knitting machines have got the some technologies for prevent this issue, but this technology is not enough against new  socks designs and high quality requests of customers.

Therefore we need extra  effort for this issue.  You can do this activity with one person or 20 persons. This is extra cost for your production. When you use the SCM 32 you can reduce the labour costs.  Only one SCM 32  will gain 4 workers costs at the shift  for your plant. (2 workes for cleaning ,2 workers  for reversing)

Thanks to Improved software system,  performance of operatör/production will be able to measure and therefore, all datas will be able to recorded into data center.  

Additionaly you will sure the requested yarn length around of the socks. You can reach the high quality level with your socks.


  • Three loading units in one machine.
  • Maximum socks length is 325 mm.
  • Two different socks reversing alternatives . ( back to front, back to back)
  • Electrical consumption is 1,2 kwh
  • Requested air pressure is 6 bar
  • Requested air vacuum min. 120 mbar.for each unit.
  • Ergonomical design .(standing and sitting alternatives)
  • User friendly software on the plc
  • Servo controlled socks length
  • Programmable cleaning tour
  • Adjustable turning speed
  • Two emergency stops
  • 25 different models in the data bank or unlimited data entering  by  manual mode.
  • Dimension of the machine  w 165 x L 135 x H 140 cm
  • Weight of the machine 290 kg.